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Tina Townsend » Tightening Up w/Coach T.

Tightening Up w/Coach T.

What's up!!!!  This is Coach T. signing in and ready to WORK IT OUT!!!
Ready to step into my world of FUN???? Upon making this journey your child will need the following
-an open mind
-a willingness to try
-a competitive heart and
-a fun spirit.
I am so excited to help transform all these little bodies via health and physical education.  But first, let me share a little history about myself with you.  I have serviced children for 19 years via the classroom and the gym.  I am a strong believer in creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul while have a funky great time!  Core curriculum is intertwined into your child’s PE activities in hopes to support my colleagues in helping to further your child’s education and garner their success.  I’m constantly researching, creating, introducing, and trying, different activities to keep your child engaged, active, and having fun.  Did I say having FUN???? I encourage you to jump on this PE journey your child and I will take, and watch this positive transformation take place!!!’s all GRAVY my baby and Z-PHI!!!
Coach T.


Fitness Bingo (3rd-5th)

Fitness Bingo (3rd-5th) w/Zoom
1:30 pm
Students must email Coach T. by 11:00 am on Wednesday to attain game cards.
I can’t wait to see you there!!!

Fitness Bingo (K-2)      
April 17, 2020
5:00 pm
Fitness Bingo (3-5)
April 22, 2020
1:30 pm
3-5 must email Coach T. to attain a game card.