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Kendra Simms » Biography


I am excited about being a part of the Liberation Academy Team, and can't wait to thrive with the spirit of success that is present at our campus! My name is Kendra Simms, and I am the Reading Intervention Specialist. My work as an educator has been teaching to a diverse community in the International District. Therefore, teaching to a spectrum of children from the Gifted and Talented, to our English as a Second Language community, as well as to students with special needs. With research-based methods, I have shown to get students from all backgrounds to grow and exceed expectations in Reading, and have found ways to incorporate the curriculum of both History and Science into the classroom.
In addition to my passion for children and the world of academia, I am a huge basketball fan, I love to paint and draw, and I love to stay active by reading, working out, playing billiards, and attending the many cultural events that occur around Houston.
I am a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, with long-term ambitions of one day receiving a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.
Please feel free to contact me, and I hope that we have a splendid year together!