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Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots Chart


This week 4th and 5th grade will deepen their word study by identifying a word's origins, additional forms, and ways to augment (change) its meaning. Being able to identify and understand these elements will help you to decode  and understand unfamiliar words more efficiently (FLUENCY and COMPREHENSION) We will discuss this topic further in class this week. 

Copy at least 5 prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Include the definition, examples, and origin of each [prefix, suffix, root] that you copy. 

Week 5 Social Studies Questions and Answers - 4th Grade


Week 5 of your US Studies Weekly should already be complete and marked by me. Reread the articles, reviewing your annotations; check your analysis questions below. 

1. Why did people's lives change at the end of the Ice Age? The large animals they hunted became extinct. The climate grew warmer. The land began to change. 

2. How doe Joe Labadie let the reader know why he believes that the Lower Pecos are "is one of the greatest archaeological regions"? Use textual evidence to support your answer. Nowhere else in the US can you find cave paintings, mammoth remains, short-faced bear remains, humans, and other artifacts

3. How do we learn about the people from the past? We learn about people from the past through archaeological discoveries, scientific exploration, timelines and making inferences.  

4. How does reading historical fiction help you to understand the people of the past? Historical fiction is based on what we know about the people and places of the past and uses a story-telling format to make it interesting. 

5. Compare and contrast Lizard Boy and Woman Too Young. Compare: They are both fictional characters based on historical information about the Archaic Indians. They both want to be treated like adults and to have adult responsibilities. They both want to care for their people. Contrast: One is a boy and the other is a girl. Lizard Boy wants to prove himself to his father so he could join the hunters. Woman Too Young is worried about the hunter who haven't returned and the starving people of her tribe. She plans to go out of the camp to find help instead of waiting for an adult to give permission. 

6. Compare and Contrast Lizard Boy to yourself. Compare: Both are older children who are ready to take on more responsibility to help out the family, both are seeking approval from an important adult, both know some skills to be successful in life. Contrast: You are real; Lizard Boy is a fictional character; he wants to be an adult, you probably want more freedom but not necessarily to be an adult. 

Week 5 Social Studies Questions and Answers - 5th Grade


At this point I have already checked your US Studies Week 5 article packets and your 8 Social Studies questions. Below are the questions and answers for Week 5. Be ready for the Week 5 Social Studies Test tomorrow. Study your packets and questions. 

1. Why was it so important to Samuel Adams that the American colonies break free from Great Britain? Samuel felt that Great Britain was treating the colonies unfairly by taxing them without allowing them to have representation. 

2. Why do you think the Sons of Liberty often met secretly? The group encouraged colonists to break Britain's laws. They knew the British rulers would not approve and would try to stop them. 

3. How do you think the Sons of Liberty felt when the British taxed tea? They were probably very upset. Not only was tea a favorite drink but it was another example of Great Britain unfairly taxing and governing the colonies. 

4. Why did the Tea Act of 1773 anger colonists? This act made it nearly in impossible for colonist to buy tea from any other company except the British East India Company. The price of the tea was cheater but the colonist didn't like being forced to make their purchases fro only one company. They began to realize that Great Britain was keeper a tighter and tighter hold on them. 

5. Why was the Battle of Lexington so one-sided? The British army greatly outnumber the colonist militia soldier. The British soldiers were well trained and well equipped. The colonial militia was self-taught and trained. Their weapons were their own personal firearms. 

6. Why did Great Britain need America's timber?  They wanted to build ships for the navy and for trade, bit the forests of Great Britain had been used up. 

7. How were the militia solders and minutemen alike? Both militia and minutemen were volunteer soldiers. 

8. How do you think Washington's success as a military leader led to his election as president of the United States?  He was a very good military leader. He led his troops carefully into battle and often surprised British troops. The Founding Father probably run the country in the same way he ran the army.